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American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener

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American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener

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The House met at I am incredibly concerned about the manner and style with which the government has pursued this particular legislative endeavour, a level of hysteria that, I tell you, is not becoming of the Attorney General and the government members. New Democrats are as eager as anybody in this Legislature -- and I, quite frankly, would not accept anybody pointing a finger and suggesting that somehow anybody here, whether it's a Conservative, a New Democrat or a Liberal, hasn't got an interest in protecting people against attacks by vicious, dangerous animals. But we take great quarrel with the observation that if you're not for the bill, then you must somehow be for attacks by dogs on. Bull feathers, rot, garbage. What an embarrassing stance for the government to take.

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Other dogs closely related to the pit bull breed are covered by the law that The Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier and the American pit bull. We really need, I think, to be a lot more clear than the Attorney General is about what breed a pit bull is. It's a person problem, and that's where the difference is right here.

Their concern: This legislation doesn't address breeding for breders, training for fighting or other issues related to responsible ownership.

If you're looking for a "Bluenose Pitbull" who are medium sized, lean, correct structure and well tempered, I'm your kennel. That's one of the reasons why I think we need public hearings. I will, however, support legislation that would place responsibility with the dog owner, provided it does not affect any specific breed. We saw it with Dalmatians.

It's noted here that other than Rottweilers, those breeds named -- shepherds, cocker spaniels and retrievers -- are among the most common in Canadian homes. We went further, by going to committee to listen to more stakeholders, for more people to have input on which way we have to take in order to make sure that we have a safe society, a safe environment. Marcia Murray-Stoof: "I have never owned a pit bull but do believe that any breed of dog's temperament is a result of raising and ownership, not genes.

I think the bottom line here is that they have to listen to these people. I'm going to give Hansard the names so they can make sure the spelling is correct.

It wasn't too long ago in that animal's genetic history that it wasn't a domestic animal. But after watching and listening to you make a fool of yourself, I now have renewed hope that after watching you in action on this topic, the remaining bereders of Parliament will do some homework rather than rely on the" -- well, I won't say what that is, but it's a four-letter word and it sounds like fries -- "that you brseders told them. I fear that this is a typical piece of legislation that ignores the real problem, which is up-to-date, enforceable legislation that deals with puppy mills, pet stores, cruelty and irresponsible pet owners.

What I'm going to do, because these people deserve to have their voices heard, and I've only got 21 minutes left -- if I could have unanimous consent to do two hours, to have an additional hour, I'd dearly love to do a little more justice Every other area in the province has ren's treatment centre. That's why we have got to hear from the scientists and examine the data as best as it can be acquired and presented.

They know the Attorney General is misleading the issue.

It's a matter of a leash, a muzzle and getting it spayed or neutered, and you can keep your pit bull and the rest of us are protected. This legislation has got to respond to the need to ensure, or at least improve to the maximum level possible, public safety. I'm deeply disturbed and strongly oppose Bill But let's debate this bill. Shepherd, from London, Ontario: "I am not a lover of pit bulls. We have to make sure that it's not just something people have seen on a TV screen or read kitxhener the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail in an editorial.

Fines levied will not pay to enforce the legislation.

Listening to the speaker making his two-minute comments, to even dream that we wouldn't go to committee on this bill would be unthinkable in this House. It reached the point where -- because the humane society would pick him up, and amrican I'd have to spend 50 bucks or something to bail him out, right?

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Dog Shelters and Rescues in Kitchener, Ontario · Rescue miles Hobo Haven Pet Rescue St Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0 · Shelter miles Ontario Britts Rescue. I want to hear from folks from the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control, and I want to determine whether they are still opposed to breed-specific banning, and why. So dog tags are nothing about regulating dogs; of course not.

Jean Radley includes a telephoneno address: "I strongly oppose the ban as well. It says, "Look, if you've got a pit bull, keep it on a leash. Charlie is no longer with us. But we take great quarrel with the observation that if you're not for the bill, then you must somehow be for attacks by dogs on. My colleague the critic for the Attorney General and the minister responsible for native affairs has indicated that we need three weeks of public hearings.

My puppies are all. The pit bull will naturally die out.

I would have expected that members, at least of the backbench, would have stood in their place and said, "Yes, we clearly oppose dangerous dogs, and we will work with other members of the Legislature to ensure that this legislation is appropriately amended to deal with the real issue. With the amount of growth in Barrie and the potential greenbelt legislation leapfrogging more growth into our region, we have an immediate demand for this cancer care unit, and we're out there fighting every day on this for this government to come up with some funding.

I think if you listen to Mr Tascona, you'll be able to find out what the bill is about.

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If you do have a pit bull and you want to keep it, do three simple things: leash it, muzzle it, have it spayed or neutered. I want you to know that on November 22, next Monday morning, terier in my office in Orillia, we're having a rally to support these 23, young people who need these rehabilitation services. Most of the comments I hear are these: The legislation is ill-prepared and ill-thought-out, and technically for the owner it's a reverse-onus condition, as the member from Barrie-Simcoe-Bradford mentioned relentlessly in his speech.

That study finds that family dogs, the dogs that the family knows and trusts, are the worst offenders for bites and attacks on people, on members of that family.

New Democrats have been very clear: Let's see the evidence, let's hear from the experts, because so far we've heard the hyperbole that's written by the minions in the backroom, sitting at their PCs, crafting the spin-doctoring statements and press releases. This problem is not exclusive to any single municipality, it is a province-wide issue," and it's the best solution for a province-wide strategy.