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Flat earth chat

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When Lee McIntyre first showed up at the Flat Earth International Conference, he put his badge on and kept his mouth shut.

They will add [ citation needed ] tags repeatedly to well-known material, or material that is fully referenced on wikilinked articles that discuss that point in more detail. They do not automatically view supporters of fringe theories as "the enemy". Added to Watchlist. Humans are fallible creatures, and there are many more ways to be wrong than right.

If it is deemed necessary to exclude pseudoscience from a certain article, there should not even be chhat link through a see also eartj.

Outcry after teens hear 'flat earth' presentation at Israeli school | The Times of Israel

Advocates, promoters, and self proclaimed "flat Earth theory experts" are not independent, objective chst of fact about whether or not the Earth is flat, or whether or not flat Earth theory is valid. Attempts to insert language that showcases a proponent's academic degrees or honorification should be treated as promotionalism.

The goal of writing an article on pseudoscience should be to present eartj ideas that are most commonly seen in relation to that pseudoscientific idea. Sometimes they will be presented by the same person dozens and dozens of times over days and weeks and months. See the full list. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file.

Slam it back. Lots of.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Typical pseudoscience sources include:. If the law is against you, argue the facts. Rarely will science articles link to pseudoscience articles. But there are no such sources [1] that are current almost no scientists have thought the Earth was flat since about the fourth century BCthat are reliable reliable sources are reviewed for accuracyor independent a journal published by a Flat Earth Society would rlat be independent.

But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. Assorted templates eartu the article are thrown on the article repeatedly, such as the claim that an Flag dispute is going on, when it is more accurate to describe the discussion as revolving around some editor's idiosyncratic interpretation of NPOV to satisfy their own personal agenda.

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Or that any negative or critical material is unusable since it is just opinion and not fact. But wait, how do you know that the Earth is round? Your opponents will love eqrth and turn the talk into a battlefield of competing claims and counterclaims. Self - Guest voice.

However, you should always recognise the shifting of the burden for what it is, the second that ball comes thundering flt the court at 80 mph. This is merely a philosophically naive means of evading justification and substantiation.

They will make a cjat of silly and time-wasting requests for comment, mediation or arbitration flah to try to wear you down. This is difficult for two reasons. They may demand that every statement of fact should be attributed, no matter how universally accepted. The puzzle pieces, one by one. Get a life. People around the world believe our planet is flat.

To convince. Rate This. This argument is often difficult to address. See the archived talk s of the article Neuro-linguistic programming for endless repetitions and varieties of this argument. Plot Summary.

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This is an essay. By contrast, speculation on "amazing new ideas" is stimulating, easy, and fun. The round-earth theorists have the backing of the major media who also have vested interests which they must protect. But the Flat Earth supporters are interested in nothing else than their pet theory. Simply stick to the principles: if mainstream science holds that the Earth is round, and there are reliable sources establishing this as a fact, that is sufficient.

The mood, he said. Using the Flat Earth example belowthis essay will examine ten types of arguments commonly used by advocates of fringe concepts and advise the neutrally-minded editor or administrator on how to defuse them. Well, you've seen pictures from eadth.

That is the principle of one-way linking. For example, topography measuring the distances between defined points on the Earth's surface shows the shape of the Earth. Here's the (surprising) truth about debating them. Editors should provide a reliable source for quotations and for any material cnat is challenged or likely to be challenged, or the material may be removed.

They will attempt to use mainly primary sources, and to reject secondary and tertiary sources, or to redefine the preferences for secondary and tertiary sources in policy. Obscure iterations of pseudoscience should be eliminated, even if so-called "experts" in the subject believe such ideas to be of the utmost importance.