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Geeks chat

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Content will be submitted to IMVU customer service for review. To send an abuse report regarding this group, geeos specific details of the offensive content in the space provided below then click the "Flag" button. There has been an error processing your abuse report.

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Some just know enough unix to read mail and telnet out to their favorite MUD.

A geek is someone who spends time being "social" on a computer. The term hacker tends to refer to the more programming intense set of the geek crowd.

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Gorilla Geek Chat. Hiphop0potamus A place for anyone and everyone. Our new online chat service may save you a call out, we can often fix simple IT problems at a cost of. Geeos Chat (IRC).

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Therefore they go online to organize parties, food runs, drink runs, and movie nights, and be assured that their companions would rather talk about superheros as modern mythology than the latest football scores. Take care not to confuse the terms geek and nerd. Geeks are generally social outcasts from mainstream America. You can live chat with one of our technicians absolutely free! This photo album will be submitted to IMVU customer service for review.

Please tell us what you find cyat about this avatar card. Well, I'll tell you. Nerds are known for their pocket protectors, taped glasses, and plaid shirts. Hide on IMVU? However the term is overused in the popular media, and therefore is no longer much used among "real geeks".

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Many nerds are also geeks, using the net as a safe screen to hide behind while practicing their social skills. To send an abuse report regarding this group, give specific details of the offensive content in the space provided below then click the "Flag" button. You are more likely to see a geek in a renaissance bodice than a dress from glamour magazine; or a geek instead beeks suit and tie. Flag Content.

Welcome to Geeks to Go Live Chat. Many geeks are queer, more practice non-monogamy, and the most common religion is neo-paganism. At least, I'll tell you my definition A nerd is a person with no social skills, usually obsessed with science or technology geek is more computer specific. A place for anyone and everyone.

Geeks prefer to socialize with other geeks, the self proclaimed weird. You can't tell if someone is a geek just by looking at them, there is no dress code. Some dress casual, some prefer silk - but few pay attention to current fashion. Discover dressing up, chatting and having fun on IMVU. Someone who just uses their computer for work, but doesn't spend their free time "on line" is not a geek.

Geeks are rather openminded with regards to nonstandard lifestyles. ing this room requires an access pass. These are people who did not go to their chat school geeks, and many would be offended by the suggestion that they should have even wanted to.

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Scum:Winged freaks, pets, weapons, special powers,or items that will cause my room to lag! The community accepts people from all walks of life, assuming they have access to the net and the skill fhat use it.

This "geeking" often consumes many hours, even if the intention was to "just log in and check my mail. There has been an error processing your abuse report. The unwritten geek credo states that originality and strangeness are good, and that blind conformity and stupidity are unforgivable. Flag report sent! We dont tolerate scum. Hacker also has negative connotations related to crackingor illegally obtaining access to computers and s.

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Geek can also be used as a verb. There are many websites that offer live tech support, the catch is they charge a lot of money for it. Geeks are their own chta a literate, hyperinformed underground. Cancel Flag Close. For the Creeps, Freaks, and the Geeks!

Reason for flagging:. Please tell us what you find inappropriate about this chat room. Note: mirrored from Craig's old site long gone.

However they rarely come out to be seen in person at live geek events, so there is little reason to be concerned. Content will be submitted to IMVU chat service for review. Most geeks are technically adept and have a great love of computers, but not all geeks are programming wizards. But just what is a geek?

The ranks of geekdom are swelled with gamers, ravers, science fiction fans, punks, perverts, programmers, nerds, subgenii, and trekkies. Other that I dont give a crap. So put your geek in the place and have some fun. The Gorilla Geeks Help Desk assists students, faculty, and staff with various technological needs essential for successful university studies in.

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