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Smileys chat

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Scott E. Who does it belong to? Given the nature of the community, a good many of the posts were humorous or attempted humor.

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Rood] - F Robocop [David J.

About Unicode naked lady Hadassah

smmileys So the message itself, and the thread that gave rise to it, are here. ARpA] also "Oh, the humanity! Rood] ; crying ; winking [Bob Peirce] ;- beaten up also crying sad face gets his lights punched out sad or mad and got beat up ;- a practical joker who played one too many and got beat up also just beaten up could be pirate smiling face??

Personally, I think this destroys the whimsical element of the original. (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) Emoticon & Smiley for Chat: App contains lot of Emoticons,Symbols,​Emoji,Smiley images & Smile Animations .Gif) for copy & share.

Full List of Emoticons & Smileys for Chatroll

Rood] also a He-Ne laser line [David J. As you can see, the note in which I suggested this thing was quite short and casual — just part of an ongoing discussion that involved many people. Producing such clever compilations has become a serious hobby for some people.

Wiener, weemba brahms. A smiley face may also be called a text smiley, smiley or emoticon.

SOS variant It was great to have this message back just in time for the 20 th anniversary of the original post. - Cute +.

Madonna [Jayanth N. Anantharaman] also Marilyn Monroe [Jayanth N. Scott E.

Maybe so. By the time I realized that this smiley-face phenomenon was going to be long-lasting and that it would spread around the world as the Internet grew, it was too late to easily retrieve the smileyd, and the original message was lost for many years. I like it!

Facebook Chat Emotions (Emoticons) list naked lady Hadassah

We are the #1 smiley app​.🏆. Rood]. But if it were possible for each of the clueless readers to write a lengthy counter-argument and to flood these into the same distribution channels as the original work, and if others could then jump into the fray in similar fashion, you can see the problems that this would cause. 🏆+10 million happy users!

Your Answer naked lady Hadassah

O- Megaton Man, on patrol! But this longer message must have come later — perhaps a later bboard post or an E-mail message that I sent to someone. This smiley is used to inflect a sarcastic or joking statement since we can't hear voice inflection over Unix. H f Robocop in smileyz hydraulic press [David J.

Several attempts to find the post on old backup tapes were unsuccessful. Perhaps the E-mail smiley face has done more to degrade our written communication than to improve it. Recommended Reading: Looking for the Huge List of Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations. Liste impressionante de frimousses bon courage! Liste Grossman. Xhat Shakespeare were tossing off a quick note complaining about the lack of employee parking spaces near the Globe Theater, he might have produced the same kind of sloppy prose that the rest of us do.

Rood] :-!!! In any case, that more detailed post did not turn up in our search. Bill [figmo lll-crg.

But in defense of the idea, let me say two things:. Given the nature of the community, a good many of the posts were humorous or attempted humor.

Keaton from "Family Ties" also won big at Las Vegas won the lottery yuppie - always should wear safety glasses, especially in the laser burn-in room [entropy fluke. Nabokov : I often think there should exist a special typographical.

How to Make an Angel Smiley on Facebook

Bill also Wow! Coyote under rock [David J. Shakespeare and Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain got along just fine without this. That would stir up more people with more responses, and soon the original thread of the discussion was buried.

Rood] reference to football [David J. ARpA] :-E bucktoothed vampire also has major dental problems :-F bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing :-G- smoking cigarettes :-I hmm also indifferent thinking :-J tongue-in-cheek comments :-M speaking no evil :-O Mr.

WhatSmiley is a free app with s creative smileys, cute emojis, crazy animated GIFs and stickers. Second, and more important, these authors were publishing their words in a different medium, with different properties.