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Weingarten chat line

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Weingarten chat line

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But that hasn't stopped the San Anselmo resident from heading to Denny's in Corte Madera every Wednesday morning to be present and available for men whose partners are dealing with challenges he knows all too well. They think they can fix everything. Breast cancer is not something they can fix, and the emotional impact both on the partner and the male is also something that's not weintarten fixable," says Weingarten of the need for Man to Man, a drop-in men's support group now in its 20th year.

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Thank you for honoring the memory of my deceased father. Recently she and Weingarten entertained the male members and their wives: "It was a good time. You really need to come in and see them.

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About us. Awad: Yes, our cars have other advantages: safety, performance, the way they look and handle. Me: I'm going to be buying my first car. But if one of the wives has a setback, the talk turns to coping with breast cancer.

When former Marin resident Bill Bowersock started it, the group met sporadically. But Weingarten jumped at the chance. He doesn't feel so alone.

Awad: Listen, you know, there are other reasons to buy a car, not just the size of the back seat. Don't you have a house weingartsn a hotel? He is looking for a publisher -- both for his book and for the musical revue, "Touching Up The Gray," a comedy about dealing with mid-life that he and Fox wrote together as "part of the healing process. Just men helping men.

Careers Advertise Legal Contact. He found it in Man to Man, a support group for men whose partners have breast cancer. Some came though their wives were dying. Harassing car salesmen is a lot sweeter. When Weingarten is working on a big story, the world around him just If you know he's an atheist who once said in an online chat that he'd.

That's what bought Gerry Bourguignon to the group about a year ago. If they want to talk about fear, we'll talk about fear. But "the cancer is always with me. He has been attending ever since. Do you have anything as good as the '65 Chevy Mustang was? I am so grateful that I have had a partner," Fox says. Ten years ago, he says, "there were so many unknowns.

I stopped planning the funeral. Marv Edelstein of San Rafael was one of Man to Man's weingarteb members, and says when his wife Maria was stricken, the group was invaluable as a place where he could express his fear or anger or frustration. His book deals with breast cancer from the male point of view.

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Weingarten hosts a popular Washington Post online chat called "Chatological Humor," formerly known as "Tuesdays with Moron." Common topics in his online​. He died and left me some money, and I'm going to plunk it down on a car. Woody Weingarten left talks at Man to Man, a support group for men whose partners have breast cancer as Edward Marson listens. Some come while their partners are dying.

WRI earnings call for the period ending December 31,

Me: Sometimes I have to drop my associates off at a place of business and wait around, and when they get back into the car, I have to get out of there real fast. Weingarten, nevertheless, was in dire chaat of support, and a place to express his terror.

Nothing beats sitting down with other men who know what a man's going through. At breakfast meetings, Weingarten says, "we discuss everything - the Super Bowl, car engines, our children, weeingarten economy.

Me: Okay, good. He loved that car. There's no agenda, no dues, no requirements, no facilitator. Seven years after her last treatment, Fox says she is healthy.

When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Woody Weingarten, left, restructured the group for men whose wives were also dealing with cancer. They're very open," Bourguignon, 71, a retired professor, says. Regions Tampa St. Weingarten and Fox say the cancer experience changed their lives. I was the deal. Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post and his weekly chat on, "Tuesdays With Moron," cchat a.

He tells us what he''s going through, and we've all been through it, too.

Both she and Weingarten kept journals of their experience, and he has used the material for a book, "Roller Coaster," named for the up-and-down cycles of hope, panic, uncertainty chay despair. It's not just your wife. Doctors performed a lumpectomy, and she underwent three months of chemotherapy and 35 sessions of radiation thereafter, supplemented by eastern medicine at the Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo and visualization therapy at Marin General Hospital with Leslie Davenport.

Chat with him online at noon on Tuesdays at www. of writing, originality and concision, in print or in print and online, Ten thousand dollars ($10,).